Jeremy Corbyn: Why BAME voters should vote Labour

Of all the political parties, the Labour party has the longest and proudest history of tackling race inequality in the UK, and long may it continue. 

But we will never take your vote for granted; on the contrary. My commitment to you will be to double our efforts to close those race inequality gaps that continue to lock out BAME talent and potential that could be and should be used to lift our nation to a much better place. 

We’ve set out a faith and race manifesto because we are acutely aware that for no other reason than your skin colour or the faith you hold, people are being treated unfairly.

If you elect me as your Prime Minister I promise you our Government will tear down the barriers that restrict fair access to jobs, housing, homes and health care.

Under a Labour Government those hard fought race equality rights and institutions that have been weakened and undermined in the last eight years will be strengthened. That also includes those international discriminatory rights, which Labour MEPs fought to establish in the EU.

We are the only party that has demonstrated over a long period of time that we truly celebrate our multicultural society. If you want to look at a multicultural society at its very best, look no further than our NHS- doctors, nurses, cleaners, managers and more. 

 It is the dynamism of this unique force that we ignore and undermine at our peril.

There are so many areas we need to improve in regards to race equality. For example, much greater diversity in local politics, parliament, media and business. For this and other race inequality gaps we need a grand plan.

I've looked at the manifesto written by 20 BAME organisations and I agree that along with our broader vision for equality, your proposal to have a Race Equality Strategy right across government is absolutely what you will see with the next Labour Government. Recognising inequalities and having a plan to deal with them, will be at the heart of our Government.

Throughout my many years in politics I’ve been profoundly struck by those incredible men and women who’ve fought racism in the US, Africa and the Asian sub-continent, such as Angela Davis, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela. And closer to home, I’ve had the privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with our own heroes including the great Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott, Paul Boateng and Keith Vaz.

And in 2017 I’m continuing that journey with a new generation of campaigners and activists, who articulate their struggle through Grime music, and or through their faith. As a leader, one of the greatest things I can do is to listen and learn, and then use my position to change the structures for a fairer world. 

This journey is never about me, but always about us. 

When we broaden opportunities and unleash talent, everybody in society benefits; not just the business end of Britain (Britain PLC), but also the heart and soul of the nation.

Let’s make this journey together. Let’s celebrate going to the ballot box on June 8th to change our world.